Speed reading vs digesting

Information era has been upon us. There are trillions of web pages filled with information, be it useful or not. More and more people have become writers of books or blogs. Those who are too lazy to read books and newspapers become addicted to social medias where they can exchange short statuses or share certain articles they're interested to or just commenting each other even shorter than short message services.
While there are so many information available in the Internet, even more than your average school library, people tend to skim through the article and they would practice speed reading, when they have learn it.
The problem with speed reading is you get the idea of the article but you don't give time to your mind to digest it. When you give time, data will become information, information will become knowledge, knowledge will become insight. You will be enlightened! That is the whole point of reading, to get new insights.
Once I have heard a writer express his dislike of speed reading, "Why do you have to speed read my books? I didn't write them with speed writing techniques.."